When you are ready to create a campaign with Neuroe™, simply use the following steps below.

  • Click the 'Campaigns' button on the side bar.

  • Click the 'Add New Campaign' button near the top of the screen. This will create a new campaign box.

  • Click the 'Edit' button, that is on the new campaign box, to edit your campaign name and campaign URL.

Your 'Campaign Name' is what you will refer to your campaign. For example, you could call it 'Neuroe™ Website'. This is to help you stay organised.

Your 'Campaign URL' is used to show what URL will be programmed onto the end-user's screen, when they place their phone on the NFC Sticker. For example, https://neuroe.co leads end-users to our company website.

  • Click the 'Save' Button on the bottom of the campaign box.

Congratulations, you have now just finished creating a campaign!

To learn how to assign the campaign to your tag, please click here.