The Neuroe™ NFC Platform enables owners of Neuroe™ NFC Tags to customise their tag actions remotely whenever they wish, allowing clients to reuse tags for a variety of different functions.

While our Neuroe NFC Tags cost $1.65 AUD each, our platform has a free tier, which was designed for people to test out and see the benefits that Neuroe™ bring to businesses. Our free tier allows businesses up to 50 scans per month. For businesses with low scan volume per month, they can comfortably sit on the free tier. For more than 50 scans per month, businesses will need to upgrade to a 'Pro' account.

For our 'Pro' accounts, we have a pricing structure which begins at only $10 AUD per month. With usage-based pricing, only ever pay for what you use. Neuroe™ paid tiers also comes with a variety of exclusive 'Pro' features to boost your arsenal. Should you ever choose to, you can revert back to the free tier at any time, however you will lose access to 'Pro' features and be limited to 50 scans per month.

For more information, please visit our Pricing Plans page.